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 Let's Play: Pokemon Life Version!

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Her Imperious Condescension
Her Imperious Condescension

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PostSubject: Let's Play: Pokemon Life Version!   Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:04 am

Now what in the fresh hell is this?

Well my friends, let me tell you a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down my good buddy Dan got me doing this. See one night, as we were roasting Dark Rising, he mentioned a more recent romhack called Pokemon Life Version. He said it was apparently really good according to what he heard, so I decided I would give it a try and maybe take some screenshots just to try it out.

I was wary starting out, if I may be honest. I didn't want my first potential Let's Play to be tainted by a Dark Rising clone. But as I played further, I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found as I went through the beginning of the game.

I waited until after everything was said and done with Dark Rising to do this, because I figured everyone needs a break after that colossal trainwreck. So, let's play a supposedly good game.

Without further adieu, I present, Pokemon: Life Version.

Chapter 1: Something More

When we first load up the game, we get this nice disclaimer. I actually really like this little touch, because if you browse sites like ebay you see a lot of romhacks pirated onto GBA carts and sold as 'legitimate' games.

Just a few screenshots I took of the intro sequence. Already we see a massive quality spike from our last subject of scrutiny.

I mean look at that, look at it and compare it to Dark Rising's title screen. I know I'm doing a lot of comparing right now, but this alone gives me some great first impressions.

There's not even a point to this screenshot, I was just really happy to see Pikachu's head intact this time.

As the opening sequence starts up, we're greeted by a frankly beautiful backdrop, and a Kimono Girl.

Now come on lady. Don't sell yourself short.

Who wants to bet this lady becomes important later.

I like how most of this manages to be the same as Professor Oak's opening schpeal, but still feels super-different.

I'll be honest in that I generally only feel comfortable playing as girls in video games if afforded a choice.

Lucky for all of us, I had the perfect name in mind when I went into this. And by that I mean I made a list of my OCs and drew from a hat.


And so, the adventures of Astra in the... whatever the hell this region is, begin.

We open with someone calling us from downstairs. Our mom, perhaps?

There are item balls all over the room, which is what I assume she means by 'pack up your stuff'.

I love that these are available right off the bat, to be honest, instead of having to rely on a professor to give them to you.

But before we go, why don't we take a poke around the room?


A wolf of Wall Street, perhaps?
(Art by the fantastic Coloursfall, he is my Broski and I love him)

Ah yes, I too am a frequent peruser of famous Pokeforums.

It is a Wii.

Anyway, that's everything of note in the bedroom. Let's head out on our journey!

I'm actually quite a fan of this. It's a house that's actually laid out like a house! It's refreshing to see, especially given the conventions of Pokemon games.

As we head down the hallway, this happens.


It's a bit of a poorly timed screenshot, but this is actually how we get our starter! We start off with a Flabebe, which is really nice. Florges is one of my favorite Pokemon.

I think this is a nice name, don't you?

Anyway, let's check out anything notable in the house and move o--


Oh, wow. It's not a mom! Thus marks the first Pokemon protagonist since the 3rd gen to actually have a father of some kind. That's a convention I never truly understood, to be honest. What, are all the protags bastard children? That's a lot of one night stands.

Also he's Blaine. Blaine is totally the raddest Gym Leader.

...You okay, dad?

Definitely not okay.

For... for what?

I- I don't know!

You know, call me crazy but I think Dad is a little overprotective.

Oh. Oooohhh. I get it now. Now I see why he's freaking out.

Well that's a change of heart.

Oh... oh no. What happened to my mom?

Um, okay. Thanks Dad. I guess. Anyway. Off into the big, bad world for us, seems like.

But not before we watch TV.

I'm going simply Gaga over it.


Oooh, this is a pretty big journey, isn't it?

No wonder Dad was so tweaked.

...Oh. That actually makes me feel kinda sad.

This guy. I like this guy. Thanks, mailman!

He's just looking out for us. What a swell guy.

They keep emphasizing this. Am I getting in way over my head?

This guy, he understands me.

True that.

Thanks, mailman friend!

Astra and Mailman Friend walk down the path together, which is very nice and cute.

He teaches us about a very interesting feature of this romhack: Instead of saving from the menu, there are specific save points, that also sometimes act as Pokemon Centers. Because this was changed, a white-out effectively acts like a game over screen, sending you back to the title. On the one hand it means you keep your money, on the other is could also be a huge progress setback.

Can you imagine how absolutely infuriating this would be if this game were Dark Rising?

A region namedrop! We're powing around in the Nendios region, it looks like.

You might think this is where we lead into the obligatory Pokemon-catching tutorial, but it never does.

Just lets us off with a warning. That's a nice change.

Bye, mailman friend!

This is honestly a very sweet send-off.

We'll explore what the wide, wide world has to offer us on the next episode of Pokemon: Life Version! I'm excited.


Active squad:

- Callista (Flabebe, Female, Lv. 5)
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First Best At Memes
First Best At Memes

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play: Pokemon Life Version!   Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:54 am

Oh man, this looks very interesting indeed. Can't wait for the next episode!
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Let's Play: Pokemon Life Version!
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